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Download your TypingMaster Version 10:

1. Click your own download link to load a file ⓘ

2. TypingMaster is saved in Downloads Folderⓘ

3. Open TypingMaster file to start installer

4. Complete the easy Setup Wizard to install

5. Click Finish to start TypingMaster Application

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Popular TypingMaster 11 Support Articles

  • I have purchased TypingMaster 11, how to enter my registration key?
  • To activate all features of TypingMaster 11 you need to enter the registration key into software. Please click the ABOUT menu on the right side of software to enter both your registration name and key exactly as shown in your receipt email.

  • I have purchased TypingMaster 10 software but I still receive a dialog "This demo is expired "?
  • It seems that you are still using the demo version. After you purchased your license, you received a new link on screen+email that you clicked to download your purchased TypingMaster file into your computer. However, its not enough to download your new personal copy of installer file, the second very important step is to click the file to start the installation of software.

    It is very easy, if you used Chrome browser to download, you can simply click the installer file that is located on bottom left corner of your screen. If you use other web browser or already did the step 1, please click TypingMaster file that is inside your Downloads folder to install now. You will find this folder from My Computer/This PC or This PC/Documents folder.

  • How can I download again my purchased TypingMaster ?

  • To re-download software you have already purchased on our Online Store, you will need to find your order confirmation email or login to customer area above and press the re-download link. You can click download link just a few times.

    Note: You are eligible to download the installer file only yourself, do not share the link or its discontinued and you cannot reinstall in future. You can use link just a few times to download your purchased apps again.

  • How can I reinstall again my TypingMaster 10 version?
  • To (re)install, you need to locate your personal copy of licensed installer file, that you have downloaded after purchase, the file name is TypingMaster Setup.exe . In order to move your purchased TypingMaster 10 into a new computer, first reinstall the software to your new computer using your licensed installer file and then uninstall your software from your old computer. (Unfortunately we do not support moving the study progress data) If you did not store your installer file into any specific location, such as USB stick or external hard drive, you should search for it from your Downloads folder. This folder stores all your downloads until you clean it up.

  • Is there a way to get more typing tests into TypingMaster ?
  • In addition to the test texts already available, you can use TypingMaster PREMIUM version to add your own text files to be used as test texts. To do this, go to the Typing Test in the right hand menu and select "Add" from the top of the screen. When the file browser pops up select a plain text file to be added. Note: If you receive error, please make sure you start TypingMaster application with Administrator rights.
    Please make sure that the file you select is in plain text (these files usually have the ending .txt). Text files created in a word processor and saved as documents usually contain information on the layout of the text and cannot be used. To convert a text to txt format, just copy and paste the text into Notepad or other text editor and save the file. You can find Notepad under the Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

    Q: Where is my Receipt? After you purchase TypingMaster, you receive necessary details by email. Sometimes your email application may filter our email to spam by mistake, so try to search from spam folder first. You can also get your invoice or receipt by logging in to the customer area with a green button above.


    Q: How to get money back / refund? Within 30 days after your order, please reply to the receipt email that you received by email after ordering.


    Q: Write Error Access Denied when trying to install TypingMaster
    A: There is another TypingMaster already running and/or installed already to same folder, you need to uninstall previous version or install to another folder that is empty. Please make sure you close TypingMaster before you reinstall and also that there are no other logged in users on same computer using TypingMaster now.


    Q: Access Violation error while logging into TypingMaster 10
    A: There has been a problem with your hard disk. This means that your user study progress data file is now badly corrupted and you need to clean it up. The solution is to open TypingMaster, click Delete button on the user name list page, and/or to create a new username for TypingMaster 10.


    Q: Unable to launch App bought from Win 10 App Store?
    A: Sorry for trouble - there appears sometimes a rare weird issue in WIN 10 APP STORE ITSELF that we reported to MS earlier. If you got a wrong error message saying that "free trial is over" after you ordered app from store please read the instructions from here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/your-trial-period-for-this-app-has-expired


    2. Support Articles

    Pre-Sales Support

  • Payment Problem: My Credit Card/Debit Card is not accepted by webstore?

  • Some of the debit cards/credit cards are not activated for internet transactions by default.
    E.g. If you have SBI bank, just visit sbicard.com or the SBI Card Mobile app, login to your account by entering your user name or password and select ‘Request > Activate International Usage’ from the left menu.

    You can write your bank name (sbi, axis, hdfc, kotak, citibank, etc) to support chat and receive on-screen instructions how to enable international transactions. Alternatively contact your bank or consider to use Prepaid Virtual Credit Card (VCC) if you have. Virtual credit cards are the best and most secure option for making payments on the web.


  • QUESTION: If I buy TypingMaster, what is the duration of license in months?
  • Good news, TypingMaster license prices are one-time payments, when you buy TypingMaster 10 software, you can use it for the life-time. It means your license is not time-limited, you can even reinstall the software later.



  • QUESTION: Why TypingMaster 10 does not start? It only shows a dialog with 3 buttons?
  • Sorry, unfortunately your TypingMaster 10 One Week Free Course has ended (7-Days Trial has expired). We are giving a free one week course. If you like to use TypingMaster 10, you can buy a life-time license and get all extra features activated. If you do not like TypingMaster, you can uninstall the expired software from your computer (Start Menu, Add/Remove Programs).



  • QUESTION: My Indian Credit/Debit Card is not accepted by internet webstores?
  • Some indian debit cards/credit cards are not accepted abroad. Please consider to use Prepaid Virtual Credit Card (VCC) instead, Virtual credit cards are the best and most secure option for making payments on the web. Alternatively you can read from a link below which indian credit cards are known to work abroad in internet webstores.



  • QUESTION: I want to buy TypingMaster, what is the duration of license in months?
  • Good news, all prices are one-time payments, when you buy TypingMaster software, you can use it for the life-time. Your license is not time-limited.







    3. What is the difference between TypingMaster Version 11, 10 and 7

    TypingMaster 11 Features:
    - Updated User-Interface
    - Touch typing course with 9 extra courses
    - Typing Tests with a complete result report
    - Typing Games for learning with fun
    - Progress graphs and printable statistics

    TypingMaster Premium Version:
    - Typing Meter Widget
    - Add your own typing tests (txt file created with Notepad tool)

    Typing Master 7 and Typing Magic Features:
    - 5 typing courses in multiple languages