Type Faster, Train Your Fingers

Double your typing speed. Learn keyboarding in a fun way. Test your wpm speed and accuracy. Play top-notch typing games. Find it all from TypingMaster!

Analyze & Train Your Skills

TypingMaster 10 for Windows is a complete touch type course application with a real-time analysis widget. Meter analyses your writing skills and creates tailored exercises. Take a free 1-week touch-type course to find your weak spots and eliminate them. Try before you buy!

Typing Games Zone

Free Educational Games

TypingGames.Zone offers a wide new selection of fun typewriting games that help you to become a master of the keyboard.
More than 130 games include various genres such as nitro race typewriting games where you drive a car in Type Rush Racer.

Check Your WPM Speed

What is your keyboarding speed and accuracy? Find that out in 60 seconds at TypingTest.com.

We have multiple different types of wpm speed tests, let's compare your speed to average typewriting speed.

Skills Test for Employers

Take the easy way to assess job applicants' text entry skills and view summary reports with TypingTest Pro.
Test drive our easy-to-use, quick and customizable web-based wpm testing tool for all your business recruitment and training purposes.

What is the best course to learn to touch type?

TypingMaster provides a complete touch-type course leading the trainee from the basics all the way to professional, fast typewriting technique. Multi-form exercises provide optimal support for every phase of learning, the results of which can be assessed anytime with a standard wpm speed test.

How long will it take to learn to touch-type?

You can choose how many lessons, exercises, and writing tests you will do. It takes between 6 to 10 hours to complete the entire program. If you prefer a shorter course, complete only the first two units of Lessons 1 – 10. The first two units of Lessons 1 – 10 will teach you the location of the alphabet keys on the keyboard. You can choose to complete each lesson unit or you can complete just a portion of any lesson unit and move on to another lesson.

How can I increase speed or accuracy?

• Complete units beyond the first two in each lesson. • Use the Review tests. • Play the Games provided. • Test your skill level by doing typewrite tests.

How to learn to type numbers?

A complete TypingMaster course with multiform exercises leads you all the way to the professional typewriting technique. With the additional Numeric Keypad course trainees can learn to enter numeric data much more efficiently.

Which course is best for learning to type?

TypingMaster includes six progressive courses from basic to professional typewriting skills, with additional courses for numeric keypad and use of special marks. Users can easily track their progress on graphic diagrams, illustrating wpm speed, accuracy and difficult keys.
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