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Typing Master Pro for Windows Local Area Network
Typing Tutor for Schools and Companies

Motivated Learning
TypingMaster Pro's complete typing curriculum leads students step-by-step to fluent error-free typing. It takes only from 6 to 10 hours to learn the basics of touch typing with TypingMaster. Multi-form exercises such as keyboard drills, typing games and tests, provide diversity whilst instant feedback and long-term progress statistics effectively maintain motivation.

Helping the Teacher
TypingMaster's network tools make teaching typing significantly easier and more enjoyable. Automatically recording personal study data for each student as well as calculating results and test scores, TypingMaster saves the teacher's time and energy allowing them to focus attention on the individual needs of their students.


Visual Training

The color-coded on-screen keyboard helps you to quickly learn the key placements.


Step-by-Step Approach

Each lesson introduces a couple of new keys and provides step-by-step drills from key drills all the way to fluent typing.


Customized Review

While training Typing Master detects those problem areas that need extra practice and creates additional tailor made exercises for them.


Typing Skill Tests

You can measure your current typing speed and accuracy with advanced typing skill tests and print out a diploma.


Typing Games

Play our fun typing games to see how far your typing skills will take you.


Centralized Reporting

Use our network-enabled teacher tools to manage users and view progress reports easily from one place. Windows Server and domain is required for centralized use.

Prices & Ordering

License for One Time Price  
1 workstation $29.90 (version 10) Read More
5 workstations $159 USD (v7) Buy Now
10 workstations $259 USD (v7) Buy Now
20 workstations $399 USD (v7) Buy Now
30 workstations $479 USD (v7) Buy Now
50 workstations $619 USD (v7) Buy Now
100 workstations $849 USD (v7) Buy Now
200 workstations $1 420 USD (v7) Buy Now
250 workstations $1 690 USD (v7) Buy Now
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TypingMaster Pro Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Includes the most popular questions and answers about installing and using TypingMaster in a network.


Network Manual

Network Manual helps you install and use TypingMaster in the network environment.


Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide provides hands-on information on arranging typing courses with TypingMaster Pro.


User Manual

User Manual covers the basic use of TypingMaster typing tutor and the Satellite from the user's point of view.


Download Latest Version

Download the latest Typing Master Pro 7 Version.


Contact Us

If you can't find answers to your questions from the support material, you can send a message to our customer support team.