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Charity program for developing nations

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We can donate TypingMaster 11 software licenses for registered charity organizations and projects.

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Editable Typing Course for Charity - TypingMaster 11

  • Tailored Typing Lesson Material for Non-Profit Organizations
  • The unique TypingMaster Course Editor allows teachers or parents to tailor the lesson material according to their needs. Its 100% free to customize the lesson text material with a free tool called TypingMaster Study Material Editor that can be installed together with the software (please see the Support pages for the manual). With the customized lesson plan, your children can learn so much more! Why to spend time in class typing just something generic like "ASDF JKL" while kids can learn at the same time e.g. that every child has the power over their own life!

    The lesson texts that students write during the typing course could be edited a little to contain some important values for local kids. For example there could be some Global Warming, health or girls equality information or perhaps kids like to write a store about their school themselves. Custom typing tests can be added or new vocabularies inserted into the games section. The software can be even translated / localized easily to new languages.

    Community for non-profit users

  • Tailored Typing Lesson Material for Non-Profit Organizations
  • The current users of software are e.g. The International Youth Education Partnersnip and Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism. Please join our forums, let's make a community of charity users to share the extra material created in different nations. Please join the user forums above to share your teaching ideas or tips.