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      Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your educational website or productivity video blog.
      TypingMaster 11 affiliate program is an agreement in which TypingMaster pays you ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic to our site that generates sales. We offer a very easy to join affiliate program — simply fill out a form, and once you're approved, you can start right away. We offer a wide range of banners and text links to choose from.

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      What your website visitors need to do?

    • Visitors will download our 7-days free TypingMaster 11 software (try-before-you-buy)
    • After 7-days trial period, a visitor decides to buy a life-time license for $29 or $19
    • Visitor will order the software license key and you will receive a fixed 40% commission

    • When Affiliate Payments are paid?

      Affiliates are paid once a month on the 15th of the month. There is a locking period to protect from paying commissions on returned orders. Affiliates are only paid on transactions that have been “locked”. The system is set up for a 30 day locking period. Once transactions are past 30 days old, they are put into a locked status. Those locked transactions are then paid on the 15th of the month. Once a transaction is locked it cannot have a return processed in the system.

      How are affiliate payments handled?

      Affiliates are paid through the Impact Radius system. Our webstore operator FastSpring handles paying the affiliates directly. Affiliates can be paid via electronic funds transfer, PayPal, or check ($5 processing fee).

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      Why to market Typing Master 11 software?

    • Professional typing course with versatile drills that adapt to all skill levels to bring results in just 5 hours
    • Typing Master features bite-size exercises that are easy to fit into a daily training schedule
    • Lessons, tests, dynamic reviews, games and progress reports build your way to professional typing
    • Optional: Typing Meter Widget analyzes typing skills 24x7 while working and provides tailored training.
    • Large selection of different typing courses are available through Course Selection view

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