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KeyMan Arcade Game

Type changing letters to guide KeyMan through the maze. Eat all the energy pills while avoiding the evil typo ghosts. This special version of the classic arcade is the Number One of keyboard games!

Control Keys:

Bubbles Keyboarding Game

In this exciting underwater typing game your goal is to burst the bubbles before they reach the surface of the sea.

Control keys:

KeyBricks Keyboarding Game

Type letters to break all bricks of the same color. Clear screen to advance to the next level! Avoid single bricks with no same colored neighbors.

Control Keys:


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Snake ABC


NumPad Game

StarKeys Game


Retro Typing Games Pack - New!

fun retro typing games

Welcome to play 5 Classic Typing Games in Virtual DOS Box. These challenging typing games are from 1996!

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The keyboarding related online games have proven to be effective method as it comes to learning how to quickly pick up a new computer skill.

Students are challenged at just the right times and rewarded with the game high scores. The element of completing a challenge in exchange for a high score entry is often enough to make the experience one that student remembers.

Keyboarding training games can have a great impact on keeping the students engaged in order to help them to build a new motoric touch typing skill.

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