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Updated 03-Oct-2006



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Is TypingMaster Pro compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8?

TypingMaster Pro has been tested and proven valid by Microsoft Software Validation for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and therefore has the right to use the Windows certified logos. TypingMaster Pro is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


Is TypingMaster compatible with my operating system?

TypingMaster Pro 7 is fully compatible with Windows

95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1 operating systems including Terminal Services.

Is TypingMaster Pro compatible with 64-bit operating system?

TypingMaster Pro is a 32-bit application, but runs also on 64-bit computers. However, the Satellite skills tracker add-on is not able to monitor your typing in 64-bit applications.

Which languages and keyboard layouts are supported?

TypingMaster Pro 7 is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish. Older 6.3 version is also available in Italian and Portuguese.

Both US/UK English versions have been designed for the international use. This means that TypingMaster English version supports all common keyboards (such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK) used all around the world. Choose the Settings page from TypingMaster menu to adjust your keyboard setting if needed.

Keyboard support in different languages:

  • English: Qwerty, Azerty, Qwertz and Dvorak
  • French: Azerty, Qwerty, Qwertz
  • Spanish: Qwerty
  • German Qwertz, Qwerty and Swiss-German Qwertz
  • Finnish, Swedish: Qwerty
  • Dutch: Netherlands Qwerty, Belgian Azerty
  • Italian: Qwerty
  • Portuguese: Qwerty


Does TypingMaster Pro support DVORAK keyboard?

"DVORAK" keyboard layout is supported by English version of TypingMaster Pro. Support is available in all courses and the Satellite. Note however that the Dvorak support is a simple support for the keyboard and course contents are designed for QWERTY keyboards. Please try the Dvorak support with the trial version before purchasing.

Please notice, that so called "DVORAK Left hand" and "DVORAK Right Hand" versions are supported only by the Satellite.


Why limited Win2000/XP users cannot access TypingMaster?

Because of the default File Security settings in Windows 2000 and XP, the limited normal users do not have permissions to change files inside the Program Files folder. Please follow these steps to change the file security rights so that each user of computer can both write and read the TypingMaster database files:

Instructions for Windows 2000:
1) Login into your computer as Administrator/person who installed the software. Double click on My Computer and browse to the folder which contains your TypingMaster installation folder (default location is C:\Program Files\TypingMaster).
2) Select the "database" sub folder. And select "File > Properties" from the menu.
3) Click on the Security tab and check that "Everyone" group appears in the list of names. First, uncheck the option "Allow inheritable permissions." from the very bottom. Then choose so that the "Everyone" group has Full Control -permissions to the folder (enable the Allow checkbox on right side).

Instructions for Windows XP Home:
In Windows XP Home, the Security tab is hidden by default, with Pro version you can activate it from Folder Options. However, alternatively you can use the simple tool below to apply the fix:

1) First make sure you log onto your computer as Administrator
2) Next click on the link below to download our small helper tool, please save it onto your desktop: fix-tm-xp-rights.zip.
3) Once the tool is downloaded unzip the tool by right clicking it and choosing to save its contents onto your desktop. You should get three files, TypingMaster-XP-fix.cmd, fix-tm-xp-rights.exe and readme-xp-fix.txt.
4) Double click on TypingMaster-XP-fix.cmd file to Apply the fix.
The fixer tool shall locate your TypingMaster if it is installed into one of the following locations: C:/Program Files/TypingMaster (default location recommended by setup), C:/Program Files/TypingMasterPro, C:/TypingMaster. (If you have installed into another location, you can drag and drop the Database folder from another location over the fix-tm-xp-rights.exe)
5) Once this has been done your TypingMaster installation is ready to be used by all users of your computer.


I lost my TypingMaster installation. How can I get it back?

You can download TypingMaster Pro installation package at any time from our web site. After downloading run the installation and finally enter your license keys.

  • If you have bought TypingMaster Pro 7.x version you can download it here.
  • If you have bought any TypingMaster Pro 6.x version you can download it here.
  • If you have bought TypingMaster 2001/2002 version you can download it here.
  • If you have also lost your license codes you can retrieve them with this tool.


I have a PC and a laptop. Can I install TypingMaster Pro to both?

TypingMaster Pro single license for home users allows installation into maximum two computers provided that they are used by same person (e.g. at home and in office) or that they are used in same household.

In the future, if you change computer/operating system always remember to uninstall the program before reinstalling it. By doing that, you free up your installation right for reuse.


I started using a new computer. Can I install TypingMaster into it?

Yes, but first remember to uninstall TypingMaster from the computer you won’t use any more in order to free up your license for reuse. You can uninstall TypingMaster by going to "Start > Settings > Control Panel" Select "Add/Remove Programs". Find TypingMaster Pro from the list of programs, select it and press "Add/Remove".


How can I install TypingMaster to a computer not connected to internet?

You can use the backup CD-Rom that contains the setup file. With the setupper and your personal license codes you can install TypingMaster even to a computer without internet access. If you don’t have the backup CD-Rom, please do the following (this is for users who are experienced with computers):

1) First, from a computer that has internet access, download the setup file.
2) Burn the setup file to CD, save it to a memory stick or connect your
two computers and transfer the file that way.
3) When the setup file is transferred, you need to run the file in order to get TypingMaster demo version
4) Open the demo version and enter your personal license codes
5) Close and reopen the program


Why do I get a "files are corrupted" message when I try to install TypingMaster?

File corruption is caused by a broken download. To avoid file corruption, it is best to not use the network while you are downloading (surf the Internet for example). This will help to stop the file from becoming broken.

Unfortunately, when file corruption happens during download, it can happen that downloading again does not fix the file. To get a new clean file, you first need to clear your browser cache to remove the old download.

To do this in Internet Explorer go to Tools menu > Internet Options. In the window that appears under the General tab there is a section Temporary Internet Files, here click on Delete Files... then OK. With Netscape and other Mozilla browsers go to the Edit Menu > Preferences. Here go to the Advanced category and select Cache. Click on the Clear Cache button.

After clearing the cache, try to download it again.

Alternatively, you can use our FTP download link instead as this can be more reliable. However, note that some firewall setting may prevent FTP-downloads.


Why do I get an AUTOEXEC.NT error when installing TypingMaster (Windows XP)?

Some TypingMaster versions do use InstallShield setupper that contains 16bit startup procedure. This may cause setup failure if so called 16-bit subsystem is disabled for some reason. Installing Service Pack 2 into Windows XP may cause the text file "AUTOEXEC.NT" deletion from the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. Without this text file in the "SYSTEM32" folder, any 16 bit programs no longer work.

The solution is simple: search your hard drive for another copy of AUTOEXEC.NT (we found two other copies in different directories) and then copy AUTOEXEC.NT to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder and reboot. The setup should now run.

You can alternatively create this "AUTOEXEC.NT" by hand, it should contain these rows:
@echo off
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx
SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 P330 T3

If you need to create this file manually to solve this and similar problems with other software, you can also see the link below:

More info:
http://www.talkaboutsoftware.com http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=314106


I installed TypingMaster Pro and entered my license codes successfully. Now, when I reopen the program, my study data is gone (Windows Vista).

Under Windows Vista, the TypingMaster user and study progress data is stored separately for each Windows account under personal application data folders.

Now if you start TypingMaster Pro as Administrator of your Windows the progress data is not same as if you start it as User. This is a security feature in the operating system.

This is what causes the problem. The installation (Setup program) is always completed under Admin account. If you selected to start TypingMaster Pro right after setup was completed, the user study progress was saved under Admin's profile. Next time when you started TypingMaster Pro as usual it was not able to access the data stored under Admin profile.

However, there is a solution: if you want to copy your study data you can access it (as Admin) and copy all user files from:

to your personal account:
c:/users/<yourname>/appdata/roaming/typingmaster/ .


How can I uninstall TypingMaster?

You can uninstall TypingMaster Pro through the Windows task bar by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel. Select "Add/Remove Programs". Find TypingMaster Pro from the list of programs, select it and click "Add/Remove".


Why doesn't Control Panel allow me to remove TypingMaster?

The most probably, this means you have removed TypingMaster folders from your computer manually. If that is the case, the Control Panel cannot remove TypingMaster from the list of programs because the uninstaller has already been deleted. In consequence, Control Panel continues showing TypingMaster even if it is no more available.

If you find the situation annoying, you can reinstall TypingMaster and then remove it with Control Panel.


What are the limitations in the trial version?

TypingMaster Pro trial version allows full access to the first 2 lessons of the Touch Typing Course and the first lesson of all other courses. The remaining lessons in all courses can be previewed.

Other limitations are:
- in the Typing Tests, duration is locked to 2 minutes
- in the Review, reviewing keys of your own choice is disabled
- in the Satellite section, the Satellite collects difficult keys and words but customized exercises can only be previewed

To have full access to the program, you need to buy a license. Prices and ordering information.

Please, note that the both trial and full version have the same visual appearance.


Does trial version contain any costs?

Downloading the free trial version of TypingMaster Pro from our web page www.typingmaster.com does not contain any costs.


How can I remove trial version from my computer?

You can easily uninstall TypingMaster trial version from your computer by going to "Start > Settings > Control Panel" Select "Add/Remove Programs". Find TypingMaster Pro from the list of programs, select it and press "Add/Remove".


How can I purchase TypingMaster Pro?

You can order TypingMaster Pro online with our secure-server order forms. Visa, MasterCard and other common credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal, checks, money orders and international wire transfer.

After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email containing your personal license ID and product key. With these you can unlock the TypingMaster trial version to get full access to all the lessons.

In addition, you can choose to receive TypingMaster on a CD-Rom by mail. This incurs an extra cost based on your location. You can also leave your order by phone or fax.

Please see detailed information on purchasing single licenses for TypingMaster Pro and Satellite. This page also contains the direct purchase links for the order forms.


I don’t have credit card. How can I buy TypingMaster Pro?

Instead of credit card, you can use PayPal. PayPal is a free service for international bank transfer. For more information on this payment method, please visit


What is the difference between Premium and Lite versions?

There are three difference between the TypingMaster Pro Premium and TypingMaster Pro Lite versions:

  • Only premium version has the Satellite tool
  • Only premium version comes with QuickPhrase tool
  • Only premium version can be ordered on cd-rom (optional)

TypingMaster Satellite is an enhancement to the typing tutor that integrates training into your everyday work. When activated, it monitors your typing when you use your email program, Word processor or other Windows application identifying those keys and words that repeatedly cause difficulties. You can then train those difficult areas by completing customized exercises. It also collects long term statistics on your typing speed and can be set to remind you to take pauses when working on the computer.

When you order TypingMaster Pro Premium you get also QuickPhrase tool as extra. QuickPhrase is a handy typing utility with which you can add your favorite phrases (addresses, greetings, signatures etc.) to any Windows program in a snap.


I need a receipt - can you send me one?

You can print out a receipt at web page of the vendor using your order ID (or at some vendors, other information related to your order).


Why haven't I received the product I purchased?

First, check your spam/bulk folder of your email program. Sometimes, the spam blockers direct the TypingMaster license message there.

If you have paid with a check, money order or international bank transfer the processing takes some business days. Even if you pay with a credit card there can be some delay due to security check procedure. Please, be patient.

You can contact our Helpdesk by filling our sales support form. Please give us as much details of your order as possible. Anything that could help us to find your order information would be appreciated, such as the email address you used when you placed the order, postal address, where you purchased the product from (ShareIt, RegNow or other), order number (if applicable), date of purchase and full name of the credit card holder if paid for with one.


In my credit card statement there is not TypingMaster but a name of some other company.

The company name in your credit card statement is the name of our reseller/internet vendor. The possible names are Share-It, Digital River, RegNow etc.


I have purchased and installed TypingMaster. Why do I still have a trial version?

Please, note that you need to enter your personal license codes (License ID and Product Key) into TypingMaster Pro in order to unlock it into full version:

1) Open TypingMaster Pro
2) Do not log in, instead click on "Enter License..." button link.
3) You should now see the window where you can insert your license codes.
4) Now, take out the email that contains your License ID and Product Key
5) Insert your license codes to the appropriate fields. Be sure to insert the codes exactly as shown in the email, we recommend copying and pasting them.
6) Click on "Enter"
7) The license window should now say that your license has been accepted and you can close the window and continue using the full version of the program.

If you have already entered the license codes but the program turns back to trial version the next time you start it, please see this topic.


How can I install and start using the program I have purchased?

If you have purchased the electronic delivery and received the license codes from one of our Internet intermediaries such as Shareit, RegNow, Aquatech, you need to download and install the TypingMaster trial version to your computer.

First click here to download TypingMaster Pro Setup program. In the following popup window choose “Run”. After loading is completed, choose “Run this program” to start installation. Alternatively, you can save the Setup file onto your desktop and then double-click on it to start installation.

After you have loaded and installed the program's trial version into your computer, follow the instructions supplied with the license key to unlock it and make it fully featured typing tutor.


Why doesn't TypingMaster accept my license codes?

Please check the following issues

  • Type the License ID exactly as in the license message. Do not correct any typos that might be in the License ID.
  • Product Key is case sensitive and the hyphens must be included.
  • The license keys work only with the same TypingMaster version you have purchased earlier. If you have installed the wrong version please uninstall it and download the right version.

You can also try copying and pasting the Product Key from the email. To copy your Product Key, select the text with your mouse by clicking and dragging on the Product Key in your license email. Then press Ctrl-c to copy the selected text. To paste the Product Key click on the Product Key field in the license insertion window and press Ctrl-v.


Where can I enter the license key?

Start TypingMaster Pro and log in with your name. Then click on Information (or Info) tab on the right hand menu. Click on Enter license and enter both License ID and Product Key exactly as presented in the license message.


I have lost my license codes. How can I get them back?

You can retrieve your license codes any time with our online tool.

Note that you will need access to the email account you used to purchase TypingMaster with. If you no longer have access to that account, you can use the links on the license retrieval page to first update your email address in our records and once that has been done, retrieve your license keys.


Why TypingMaster says that "The entered licence has been exceeded"?

TypingMaster Pro license for single users allows installation into two computers provided that they are used by same person (e.g. at home and in office) or that they are used in same household.

If you get this error message it means that you have installed TypingMaster Pro into more than two computers. Please uninstall TypingMaster Pro from one or more computers in order to free up your installation rights. You can uninstall TypingMaster Pro through the Windows task bar by choosing Start > Settings > Control Panel. Select "Add/Remove Programs". Find TypingMaster Pro from the list of programs, select it and click "Add/Remove".

In the future, please remember to uninstall the program before you install it to other computer. By doing that, you free up your license for reuse.


Why TypingMaster requires the license codes every time I open it?

To successfully enter the license codes you need to be logged to Windows with Administrator/Power User rights. Please, ask the person who has Administrator/Power User rights to log in to your Windows and enter the license codes into TypingMaster.


How can I update TypingMaster Pro?

You can easily update your older TypingMaster version (98/99/2001/2002/Pro 6) to the newest TypingMaster Pro 7. You just need to purchase update license with a special price, install the newest version on top of the old version and then enter the new license key to activate the new version. Detailed instructions are available here.


Are future updates free?

All the bug fixes and minor updates are free of charge. For more information please launch TypingMaster Pro on your computer, choose Information on the menu and click "Check for updates" link.

If you want to update from older version (98/99/2001/2002/Pro 6) to TypingMaster Pro 7, you can do it with a special price. Detailed information is available here.


How much does it cost to update the old version to the newest one?

Please check the current update prices from here.


I updated TypingMaster Pro and the new version skips through all the lessons or freezes.

There has been a problem during TypingMaster Pro installation. This problem occurs sometimes when the new version is being installed over the older version. Please uninstall and then reinstall the program, making sure you get the latest version.


Can my whole family use TypingMaster Pro?

Yes, the number of users is not limited.


How are Gross Speed and Net Speed calculated?

TypingMaster follows international industrial standards to count typing speed. For written English, the commonly accepted standard is a 5-stroke standard word, including spaces and punctuation marks. This is the default setting in all English language TypingMaster products.

In result calculation this means that 5 keystrokes make one word and 5 keystrokes are deducted for each mistyped word no matter how many mistakes in it. If needed, the word length can be changed on the Settings tab (>Settings>Study settings>Word length).

Gross typing speed is calculated as follows:
1) Total keystrokes are divided by duration, which gives gross speed in keystrokes per minute (KPM).
2) Gross speed in KPM is divided by the standard word length to get typing speed in Words per Minute (WPM).

Accuracy percentage is calculated using the standard word length. Gross hits is the total number of keystrokes typed. Error hits is the number of words typed incorrectly times the word length 5. Net hits equals gross hits minus error hits. The rate of net hits to gross hits typed gives accuracy percentage.

Net typing speed is the typing speed with errors counted in the result and is calculated like this:
1) Total keystrokes minus the number of incorrect words times word length, to get the total net hits for the whole test duration.
2) Total net hits is divided by the test duration to get net typing speed in characters/keystrokes per minute. This is divided by the standard word length to get net typing speed in words per minute.

Example of result calculation:

A user completes a typing test with 1750 keystrokes in 5 minutes and 5 incorrectly typed words. The results are:
- 1750 gross hits, 25 error hits (5 mistakes * word length 5), 1725 net hits
- Gross typing speed is 70 WPM (350 KPM)
- Net typing speed is 69 WPM (345 KPM)
- Accuracy is 99% (1725/1750*100%)


How can I add new test texts?

You can easily add your own texts in txt-format. You can convert your favorite texts into txt-format by copying and pasting them into Notepad. Then, just name your txt-file and save it. You can find Notepad under the Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

Next, go to "Typing Test" in TypingMaster Pro and click on "Add" (blue text on the top of the screen), select your txt-file and press Enter or click on Open button. Now, your own test should appear in the list (normally on the top).

TypingMaster has 22 typing test texts by default. You can get more than 20 additional test texts directly to your TypingMaster Pro program.

Just click on 'Save File' which will save the setup file onto your desktop. Then, double-click on the setup file and follow instructions on screen. It is recommended to close all other applications before the setup.

After, you can open TypingMaster Pro and find these texts added to your Typing Test texts. Please, note that all these texts are in English.


I accidentally deleted a test text, how do I get it back?

Just download and reinstall TypingMaster demo version over the top of your current install, all your information and licenses will be maintained but the test text will be back. The important thing is to make sure you choose the same folder that you have TypingMaster installed in currently. By default TypingMaster is installed into C:\Program Files\typingmaster


Where can I download the older TypingMaster versions?

You can download the older version using the appropriate links below:


I lost my older TypingMaster version and license codes. How can I get them back?

Please use the license retrieval tool. It will send you the license keys and instructions how to download and install the right TypingMaster version.


Does my old TypingMaster version work under Windows Vista?

TypingMaster Pro 6.3 works under Vista but might not support all new Vista features.

Older versions might not work with Windows Vista. In this case you can update to the latest TypingMater Pro 7 version that fully supports Vista.

Please note that our customer support cannot help you with Vista issues on old versions.