TypingMaster 10 gives error 1551 access denied cannot write database folder

In some Windows 8 and 10 computers TypingMaster may display the error -1551 Access Denied during the launch.

Usually this is caused by non-english characters used in the Windows Computer Name -setting.
For example Russian or Chinese or French Unicode alphabets appearing in the Windows Computer Name make it non-standard.

TypingMaster needs to create a file called "yourcomputername.wks" into HD database folder
and these rare special characters may prevent 32bit non-unicode application to create or read this file through Windows API.

You should change these special marks from your computer name to ISO-LATIN characters (e.g. A-Z),
e.g. good standard computer names are MYPC,  MYCOMPUTER,  but problems might occur with TypingMaster
and other applications if computer name is e.g.  íììüu

How to change computer name depends on your Windows version ( 7, 8, 10) but you can use these 3 paths to access the settings screen from windows:

  • Type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box (quickest)
  • Right-click on the Computer option on the start menu or in My Computer.
  • Open Control Panel, and go to System and Maintenance, and then System.

Detailed instructions how to change computer name:


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