We are planning to use TypingMaster Pro from one computer only. Is it possible?

One TypingMaster Pro workstation license allows installation into one computer only, but the number of users is unlimited.

It is possible to use TypingMaster Pro in one computer only. Each student's personal progress will be recorded provided that each one has a different login name. When a user logs in, the typing tutor opens automatically the next uncompleted exercise for this particular user. In other words, it "remembers" the point where the student was last time. The trainer can monitor the progress and organize typing tests with help of TypingMaster User Manager, which is included in the "School / Company install". The trainer can also add and delete users, print out reports etc.

Every student must always remember to close the program after use, so that the results won't be mixed. (There is no logout button in TypingMaster Pro.).

However, we don't recommend the usage of Satellite tool when you have several users at the same computer. As the Satellite monitors the typing in other programs than TypingMaster Pro, it won't give reliable information when the users are many.

During the installation, please select the option "School / Company install" during the setup. Then select "Teacher led training" or "Independent learning" according to your needs.


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