Is there an MSI package available?

TypingMaster Silent Setup/MSI WRAPPER Kit

This package can be used to deliver TypingMaster Pro silently via SMS/ActiveDirectory/login script.

1. Download the kit from here:
A simple TMPRO.MSI wrapper package just calls install.bat to execute the actual setupper. The following files must be in same folder with TMPRO.MSI file:
  • install.bat
  • the setupper: TypingMaster700.exe or TypingMasterENG.exe or NetSetup.exe(+other files)

There are two alternative solutions to choose from:

Stand-Alone Setup

Use this when deploying the software to laptops or if centralized management is not needed. Notice that the license code needs to be entered to software by user when starting it first time. For stand-alone installation please copy one of these setuppers to same folder with MSI file: TypingMaster700.exe (multi-language ENG/SPA/FR/GER/SWE/FIN) TypingMasterENG.exe (English only)

Network Setup
Use this for centralized network installation. Deploying the software from shared folder allows centralized reporting/management for teacher/administrator. The license code is entered just once via TypingMaster User Manager. To use centralized network installation, please copy the TMPRO.MSi + install.bat to shared TypingMaster folder on server. Alternatively you can edit install.bat to look for NETSETUP from correct UNC path. Notice that MSI needs to have rights to UNC path.

You can test the MSI setupper with these commands:

msiexec /i tmpro.msi

msiexec /x tmpro.msi

4. Alternate Login script usage (without MSI)
To launch the silent install from login script, add this line to login script:
all install.bat

TIP: You can customize setup with INF file if needed (see install.bat for details)


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