Why the user data has been lost and student progress is back to 0 percent?

In some unexpected situations (for example if server dropped a network connection) the data corruption may occur and some user data is lost.

Each user data is kept in a single .USR file inside DATABASE folder and if this file is damaged/corrupted all the data for the user in question is lost.

You can send the user file in question to be analyzed and I can see if anything can be restored from there or if everything has been lost. You can also open it with notepad and see if its totally blank (file size 0 bytes).
If the size is 0 bytes, there is no data left to be restored manually.

Its highly recommended to make backups time to time - For example User Manager FILE Menu has a backup feature that you can use perhaps weekly, just in case something bad occurs to user data.

Next we need to solve why data was lost. First you should check the server EVENT LOG if there are any errors shown.

Also you can use notepad to view ERRORS.LOG file from TypingMaster database folder to see details why this problem occured:

If you see the following messages, it means server did not allow the workstation to save a file:
 - System Error occured: Stream write error
 - System Error occured: Win32 Error.  Code: 6.  The handle is invalid

The most common reasons for corruption are:

  1. SERVER is dropping clients, because of Windows Server has reached limit of concurrent licenses (you can view this from CONTROL PANEL / LICENSES )
  2. SERVER is actually not Windows Server 2003/2008, the workstation cannot be used as a server  (please verify the operating system version)
  3. Heavy network load is causing data problems

The recommended solution for all issues above is to consider our newer TypingMaster Online  product that stores data in our secured server.  The software does not require a file server at all, the application is used through web browser.


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