What is the difference between a NetSetup and a Shortcut installation?

You can install TypingMaster Pro to your network in two ways.

The recommended method is to first install the program to your network with our NetSetup tool. First install the program to your server computer. When you start the installation, be sure to select the "School/Company installation" option so that the User Manager and other network tools are installed.

After you have done the server installation, you install a "client" program to each workstations. You do this by going to each workstation and running the "NetSetup.exe" program, from the server installation. This copies the program to the workstation and sets it to save the user data to the server. Repeat this step then for all workstations.

With this method of installation, the user data is only read at the start of the program and then saved when the program is ended. Also the course files are loaded from the server. With this method the data loaded over the network is quite small. In one session, usually one lesson file is loaded and the user file is loaded and saved once.

In the other method you can just create a shortcut to the program on the server and then copy this shortcut to all workstations. With this method, all files are loaded from the server, which takes up network bandwith.

Detailed instructions on both methods of installation can be found at our Network Installation Manual at the following address:

The size of the full installation of TypingMaster on the server (with all languages installed) is roughly 10 MB. If you select fewer languages, the size will be somewhat smaller. The workstation installations done with NetSetup.exe take up roughly 2 MB on the workstation.


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