Can I move the licenses in TypingMaster Pro?

You can free up any workstations taking a license with the User Manager program. Simply open the TypingMaster Pro Manager and go to the Licenses tab. There you can select one workstation and then click Remove Workstation from the left hand menu.

To be safe you could remove all workstations then as users access the program it will replace the names there. Or you could just remove the ones you know are no longer needed.


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  1. Comment #1 (Posted by Sudha )
    Hi I revently moved to a new laptop with Windows 10 and wanted to move my Typing Master Pro Premium 7.1 with me but when I enter the license details it says they have been exceeded and I need to uninstall the software from the other PC. Problem is the other PC has gone to the great PC graveyard! what can I do?

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