We have had problems with our server and now get error #7216

Most likely the name of the server has changed, so this is why the clients are having problems connecting.

The server name is stored in a file in the TypingMaster Pro folder. With your environment have you installed the the program on to the workstations (using the Netsetup tool) or is the program dynamically distributed, or just run from one location on the server?\

In either case instead of re-installing you can just edit a file, though based on how you have it setup this may mean you need to go to each workstation, or if you can do it remotely.

The file is: TMNPATH.INI
Use Notepad or similar text editor the file, it should contain something like:

Replace \\Yourserver with the new location of the server and make sure the TypingMaster folder is also correct. You can ignore the install date value if it is present.
By editing this file you can make the clients point to the right location. You can just copy this one file to all workstations if needed, or just edit the one file on the server.


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