How do I recover a user who was mistakenly deleted?

If you have a backup of the user data it is quite easy to do:

  1. Go to your backup copy and into the Database folder.
  2. The files you want to copy are ones that start with a user name, for example:
    Jill Smith.usr
    Jill Smith.dat
    Jill Smith.set
    Please try and only select these file types. Note that not all files types may be present, it depends on what the user does. The most important file that will always be present is the .usr file.
  3. Copy these files into the database folder of the running server version. This returns that single user.
  4. Please note that if you have changed groups, deleted some or move users around you may get an error when the user first logins in. This error can be ignored, but the user will be moved to the default group if their group no longer exists.


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