Can two people use the Manager program at the same time?

TypingMaster Manager can only be used by one user at a time. This is to prevent corruption of the user database caused by simultanous editing of data that may result in the loss of user information. The only way with TypingMaster Pro is to install it twice and have certain computers connected to each installation and Manager copy. This is probably not the most efficient solution but possible.

Another option available to you is to switch to TypingMaster Intra. This is a web based solution that is access via a web browser. It does not have the full range of features TypingMaster Pro does but it has the most important as well as improvements in some areas, such as allowing individual courses to have their own settings. The other advantage is that you can have you can have teachers logged in the Manager at the same time from more than one locations. They should be careful that they do not try to edit the same settings, but if they just want to manage their groups/users or view user progress this should not be a problem. You can find more information about TypingMaster Intra at:\


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