Is it possible to have Satellite in a network install?

Technically, Satellite is available in educational and company licenses of TypingMaster Pro, but we don't recommend its usage in organizations for the reason mentioned below:

From TypingMaster User Manager / Common Settings, teacher/trainer can choose if Satellite is visible to users and if it will be installed to the workstations with NETSETUP. By default Satellite is not installed via NETSETUP because it is usually not needed in schools.

When launched, Satellite will monitor the students' typing skills while using Word Processor or similar applications. If a user runs the program at different workstations, there might occur a problem when user sometimes does not remember to log out from the Satellite. TypingMaster user database files are locked by Satellite and the user cannot login from another workstation until the launched Satellite is closed first.

The easiest way to uninstall Satellite from the workstation is to visit the PC and stop Satellite from bottom right corner (blue and pink icon). In order to remotely remove Satellite, first rename the KBOOST.EXE file located on TypingMaster folder the Satellite and reboot the workstation.

For above reason and security, TypingMaster, Inc. does not recommend schools or companies to use Satellite on their shared local area network installation. Satellite concept is designed for the local single user installations or when one user is always using one specific computer.


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