Our school/company is looking at trying your TypingMaster Pro program, is there any way we can try it out?

A free demonstration version of TypingMaster Pro is available at: 

Click on this web address and download the selected installation file on the desktop. Once the download is complete, double-click the file to start the installation. When the installation program prompts installation type, make sure to select the option "School/Company installation" and check that all components are selected. This will make sure that the TypingMaster Manager tool, Network Manual and other network tools are installed. Once the installation is completed, you can delete the downloaded file from your desktop.

The demo version gives full access to the first three lessons of each course. Customized practicing with TypingMaster Satellite is limited to 30 seconds at a time. The demo version license allows for 10 workstation installations of the program in your network.

The demo version is technically identical to the full version, only access to course material is limited as described above. This gives you the opportunity to fully test all features of the program. In case you need to test TypingMaster Pro on your network with more than 10 workstation installations, we can provide you with an expiring license key which will allow you to test the full program for 30 days. If you need this kind of test license, please write and I will send you the key in return email.

Detailed information on the network features of TypingMaster Pro and the purchasing of licenses can be found at our web pages


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18th of March, 2018

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