TypingMaster Online is very slow to load the lesson or freezes completely. What can we do?

If the freezing occurs when launching a lesson, first check that your Java is the latest version. You can do that here: .com

Also, make sure that you haven't disabled the Temporary Internet Files for Java. If this is the case, the typing tutor is not cached and Java will download the entire package each time a lesson is loaded. As a consequence, when all students load lessons at the same time, the network will be overloaded with traffic which would cause the loading of the lesson to be very slow or even broken.

To check if you have this setting disabled, go to "Start > Control Panel > Java". Under "Temporary Internet Files" click on "Settings.." and make sure that the "Keep temporary files on my computer" option is checked and that your users have permissions to write to the folder that is displayed under "Location". If students are not allowed to save to this folder, the typing tutor will have to be download over the network each time a student starts a lesson. Also check that the Disk Space setting is set to a reasonable number - 100-500 MB is suitable for most uses.


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