What courses are available and what is their duration?

TypingMaster Online features six courses (Touch Typing Course, Junior Touch Typing Course, Speed Building Course, Numbers Course, Special Marks Course, Numeric Keypad Course)
- total of 43 typing lessons with 5-8 exercises each
- total of 261 typing exercises
- exercise duration 3-6 minutes depending on the set lesson duration
- default lesson duration 35 minutes (configurable to 25/35/45 min)

Touch Typing Course, 13 lessons
In this course, you will learn the positions of the letter keys and common punctuation by heart. After completing the course you will be able to type with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard.

Junior Touch Typing Course, 14 lessons
Easier version of the basic Touch Typing Course suitable for elementary and middle schools.

Speed Building Course, 6 lessons
This course is designed to increase your typing speed and confidence. You will focus on the keys for each finger, type longer texts and train your typing with common words.

Numbers Course, 2 lessons
This two lesson course teaches how to type numbers on the number row.

Special Marks Course, 4 lessons
Extend your skills to cover special marks, including Internet characters, mathematical symbols and brackets.
Note: Be sure to take the Numbers Course first.

Numeric Keypad Course, 3 lessons
Learn to use the 10-key pad with touch typing technique.


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