How to print all students user ID's and passwords for a particular group?

To print the results for one group login to the Manager and go to the Users tab. There are drop down menus you can use to filter your results. To have results for a specific group from the first drop down select the group you want to view results for. When that is selected the page will automatically download with the students in that group.

In the next menu choose a report type; Study summary, Course results, Lesson results, Additional tests or user list. You can also add extra filters on Course results and Lesson results to define the report. When you have the information you need, click on the 'Printable version' link.

In the older version of TypingMaster Online, scroll down to the bottom of the page for drop down menus. For example, choose User list from the drop down and press the >> button next to it. A new window will open. You may want to try the other reports to see when best meets your needs. To print depends on your web browser. Often under the File menu is a print option, you can also try pressing Ctrl + P to print.

Note that you can use the check boxes next to each user to limit what is shown in the report. If you have no users checked then all users displayed will appear in the report, if you have one or more users selected then only those will appear in a report.


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