In what order are keys introduced in TypingMaster Online?

Touch Typing Basic Course
Lesson 1: Home Row
Lesson 2: Letters E and I
Lesson 3: Letters R and U
Lesson 4: Letters T and O
Lesson 5: Capital letters and period
Lesson 6: Letters C and comma
Lesson 7: Letters G and H and apostrophe
Lesson 8: Letters V and N and question mark
Lesson 9: Letters M and W
Lesson 10: Letters P and Q
Lesson 11: Letters B and Y
Lesson 12: Letters Z and X
Lesson 13: Final test

In addition to this course, TypingMaster Online features courses for the 10-key pad, number row and special marks as well as speed building course.


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28th of September, 2012

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