Why do UK and US keyboards have @ and quotes in opposite locations?

By default TypingMaster Online is set to the US keyboard which has the @ and " in opposite positions to the UK keyboard. You can change this in the Manager.

First login as an administrator. Then go the Courses tab on the left hand menu. Here you will need to change the keyboard for each course. To do this click the Edit Settings button for the course you wish to edit, then at the very top there is a Keyboard Layout setting, set this to UK English and Save.

Repeat this for all courses. If you have multiple groups you will also need to do set it for each group. There is a quick way, using the Copy Settings feature at the bottom of the Courses page. You can just change this for one group, then copy the new settings to your other groups. You should only do this though if the settings at the same for the groups. Otherwise just change group from the top drop down in the Courses page and use the Edit Settings button again.


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