The ActiveX does not work, we have an ISA Proxy server. Are there any issues with ISA servers?

We have found that customers using the Microsoft ISA server have had problems using the ActiveX typing tutor interface since, for some reason the server blocks its traffic (which is in the HTTP / AICC format). When ACTIVEX cannot access Internet please check your ISA server settings for the Application layer.

The TypingMaster ActiveX is located in "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\TypingMaster Intra\" This application needs to be given full access to the internet from all computers in your network.

Microsoft says:  "In addition to stateful packet and circuit filtering, ISA Server also controls application-specific traffic with application, command, and data-aware filters. Through intelligent filtering of VPN, HTTP, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3), Domain Name System (DNS), H.323 conferencing, streaming media, and remote procedure call (RPC) traffic, ISA Server can accept, reject, redirect, and modify traffic based upon its contents."

 If you are not able to allow access for the ActiveX tutor you could try using the Java tutor only.
 To do this login as an Administrator. Go the Settings tab on the left hand side. From there look for the heading Study Settings then look for the setting Tutor Type. Set this to Java Only and click Save.  Now try the typing tutor again. The Java version of the tutor should appear and this should be able to pass through the ISA server without problems.


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