How do I type the ñ and other special characters?

To type the ñ you will need to have your keyboards set to US-International. You cannot use the US-Standard keyboard, that is by typing the tilde '~' first then 'n'. Unfortunately this is misleadingly shown in our program; the tilde on US-standard keyboards is not the same as in many others (dead key) and cannot function as an accent to go over letters.

With Windows XP you can change the keyboard layout by going to the Start Menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options then under the Languages tab click the Details... button

On the Settings tab, click the Add... button. In the window that appears leave the language the same but change the keyboard to United States-International. Then click OK. To make this the default, select any other keyboards (there should be a list of them if under the Keyboard heading) and click Remove. It may give an error saying that they can not be removed as they are in use, but when the user logs in next time the default will now be US International.

If you have more than one keyboard or language a keyboard selector will appear in the Taskbar, allowing you to change languages or keyboards quickly.

Once the US-International keyboard is set, use Alt-Gr + N to type ñ.


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