How do I control the study settings, for example set the pass limits needed for the Final Test?

To adjust the pass or fail settings click on the Courses tab on the left hand side of the Manager. From the drop down menu select the group you would like to edit settings for. On this page you can choose whether to Hide or Activate the courses. If the course is marked as Inactive, then it will not appear to users, and they will not be able to take it. You may want people to only do 1 or 2 of the 4 courses on offer. Of course you do not have to hide any courses.

Click on the "Edit settings" button to edit pass limits. You can set both accuracy and WPM needed to have the test marked as passed.

The settings are divided up by ones that affect the normal progress in the tutor and then the Final Test settings, that control the very last test at the end of the course. There are also separate Lesson Pass Limits for the course. The pass limits you set there correspond to the last exercise of each lesson, known as the Lesson Exam. The users will need to meet the requirements you set there to have the Lesson marked as passed.

If you are unsure about any settings please click on the corresponding (?) icon to get more detailed information.


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