I get error that user data cannot be retrieved, what do I need to do?

Error: Cannot retrieve userdata from server. -975 HTTP Error 0 -974 No respond from LMS server with GetParam

This error is often related to using the ActiveX applet when using the tutor. Have you been able to use TypingMaster Online before? This could be a temporary internet connection problem and the program is unable to communicate back to the TypingMaster Online server.

If this is the first time you use the program, it can be something else:

Does your organization use a proxy server? This may be blocking the communication between the two. For example your proxy could require that you have a password to get access in and out, our tutor is unable to offer such authentication. Another possibility is that some firewall is blocking access, though this is a rare case, you should ensure that ActiveX components are able to communicate with the Internet.

Basically you need to find out what is blocking the communication and then free it up. Often this can just be a simple setting somewhere but you most likely need help from your network administrator.

One other possibility is to try the Java based typing tutor. To do this just login to your TypingMaster Online account using another browser than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Firefox.

As an administrator, you can also set the program up to always use the Java tutor. the Java tutor. To do this login as Administrator, go to the Settings tab, and then under Study Settings look for the setting Tutor Type, set that to Java only and hit Save. Now try the tutor again.


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