I am not able to log in to TypingMaster Online. What is my login information or how do I login?

If you are using TypingMaster Online at school or in a company, you will need to ask the teacher or course administrator to provide you with your login information. Please find the person responsible for TypingMaster Online account in your school/company and ask for details. Our customer support is not able to provide any login information to individual users.

If you have simply been given the link and need to get started the first time, please follow these instructions to register as a user:
1. Open the TypingMaster login page in your browser
2. Click on the link "I am a new user" and fill in the required information
3. Click on Create User button to proceed.

If you have already used TypingMaster Online and remember your password, but still can't log in, please verify that the Caps Lock is not on. The password is case sensitive.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link "Forgot your ID or password?" on the login screen. Then, give your email address or user ID and click on Send by Email button. You will receive a temporary password via email with detailed information on how to proceed. Note that giving your email in TypingMaster is not required and if there is no email address in your user data, this will obviously not work.

You can also get a new password by contacting your course administrator. She can enter a new password you wish to use into the system. You will need to change your password this way if you did not give any email address when you first started using the program.


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