I could not find any games in TypingMaster Online, are there any?

TypingMaster games are offered slightly differently depending on the type of applet you use when taking the course as well as the game settings set by the administrator.

First, four games are available on the Games tab. These games can be set for free access or be  hidden from all users as a global setting on the account. If this is the case, then no user will have access to games. Alternatively, access to games can be set to "only after a completed lesson". When this is done, the games section will open for 12 hours after a successfully completed lesson exam.

In addition, there are some games that are embedded to the typing tutor courses. If you choose to use the ActiveX typing tutor (with Windows OS and Internet Explorer), four games are available through the "Games" menu in the program which will be hidden if the respective global setting is on. If you use the Java typing tutor (with other browsers than IE or on a Mac), the games are embedded in the course as exercises and there is no game tab in the applet.


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