I have lesson lock set for my group, how can I allow some students jump ahead without completing all exercises?

You have the option to enable a setting "Bypass lesson lock" for any individual user by editing their user settings. To do that, go to Users&Results page and click the edit user settings icon (bullet point icon) to open settings for editing. At the bottom, there is a checkbox for bypassing the lesson lock.

Another alternative is to temporarily disable the locks for the entire group. This is done in Course settings. If you disable the lesson lock off and enable it again, the users will stay in the lesson that they skipped to, no information will be lost. However, if they go back to a lesson they have not completed, they will no longer have access to any uncompleted lessons ahead of that lesson. So if they haven't finished lesson 2, you let them jump to lesson 3, they can stay in lesson 3 after you turn lesson lock back on, even if they log out and in again. However if they only half finish lesson 3, they then go back and do some more of lesson 2 but still don't complete it, they will not be able to get back to Lesson 3.

Hope that is clear, a little confusing but the idea is just that it only lets you get to the next lesson if you have completed the ones previous, however it will always let you access the lesson you are currently studying.


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