How do we add users to TypingMaster Online?

There are three ways to add users to TypingMaster: Users can register themselves, you can add users one by one or you can mass-import users.

First, you can let your users create their own accounts at TypingMaster login page by clicking on the "I am a new user" link. If you have created groups, users can choose the correct group during registration or you can assign users to their groups later.

Second, you can create new users in the Manager > Users & Results page and assign them to any pre-defined groups. The advantage of this  approach is that you can have the program send login information by email to each user. To do that, simply tick the “Send email to user” box when entering user information.

Third, if you have a lot of users, an administrator can mass import them to TypingMaster from any CSV formatted file (created with Excel, for example). To import users, go to the "Tools" page and follow the instructions. You will not need to have created all groups in advance as TypingMaster will create any missing groups and assign your students to them automatically during import.

Tip! When creating users yourself, use a specific formula when creating usernames and passwords, for example four letters from last name and two letters from first name (eg. Charles Hickson -> hickch).


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