How do users get a license? Do I need to assign licenses?

In TypingMaster Online, students get licensed automatically when they use the typing tutor the first time. Unless you are worried that licenses may be taken by users who are not authorized to do so, you do no need to spend any time in assigning licenses.

If you do want to license your users in advance, you can only do this for each user separately when creating users or by editing user settings afterwards.

To open user settings, go to Manager > Users & Results and click on the User settings icon next to user name (the bullet point list icon). This opens user settings for editing and towards the bottom, you will find a license field where you can give a license to the user (or remove it, if you have transferable licenses).

Once a user has a transferable license, by whatever method, that user is now licensed until you either remove the license, or you delete the user or place them in the Archived users group.

If your account is set up with user licenses, the license can not be removed from a user. That user can also not be deleted, but they can be placed into the Archived Users group. This means that they will not appear in any reports or be able to login, but their information will be kept. You can recover a user from the Archived Users group at any time.


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