The typing tutor works on some computers and on some it does not load - what's wrong?

TypingMaster Online uses two different types of tutors: Java or ActiveX. To begin troubleshooting the problem, check if some computers are using ActiveX and others Java.

Java is the default option and requires that Java is installed on the computer. You can download it from here:

If using Internet Explorer, you should also check the Security Zone for TypingMaster Online. To change the zone, go to the start page of TypingMaster Online, then click on "Tools > Internet Options > Security -tab" and select the Internet zone. Also make sure that you have the security level set to Medium High or Medium.

ActiveX requires that the user is using Internet Explorer as the browser and that ActiveX is installed and enabled. To check that ActiveX is OK in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab. The Internet Security level should be set to Medium High or lower.

If your students' Windows user accounts are limited, the initial installation of the ActiveX component needs to be done by an Administrator. Simply login as the Administrator, go to your TypingMaster Online account and start the tutor once. It will then download and install the tutor so that when the students login it will also work.

If a student is using TypingMaster Online from home and experiences problems, these same steps should help: Check the Security Level and have a parent log in and run the tutor once.

In the TypingMaster Online Manager you can set the users to use only Java, only ActiveX or both. Just login to the Manager side and go to the Settings tab. In Study Settings set Tutor Type to what you want and click Save. The default option is "Java preferred".


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