We are a public library, may we offer TypingMaster Online to our patrons?

Yes, you can offer TypingMaster Online to your library patrons. However, for use in public libraries we do require some extra restrictions so that access is only given to authorized users (users with a valid library card or walk-in patrons within your premises). These restrictions are needed because if access isn't controlled, then someone might post the link on any website and anyone connected to the Internet could then use your account. This would use up your licenses and take them away from your patrons.

There are three methods available to restrict the licenses:
1. Send us a list or range of IP numbers of the computers in your library. This limits access so that only people at the library can access the service.

2. If you would like to offer access outside of your library then you will need some login system where patrons need to login to first. You can then send us link to the page inside this system that points to your TypingMaster Online account. This means that only people who have logged in can use your TypingMaster Online subscription.

3. The last option is a less technical one. You can simply disable the creation of new user accounts and place a small message on your login page stating that users need a contact a librarian who will create an account for them. Librarians then just make user accounts as needed after checking that the person has a library card. This allows people to access TypingMaster Online from home or at the library, they just have to come in once to make the account.

We prefer that the first two options are used but if you do not have the technical resources to perform them then the third is an easier option. From these options it is just a matter of finding the right solution, or combination, that works for you.


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