Can I change lesson duration in TypingMaster Online?

By default, lesson duration is set to 35 minutes, but you can change the duration for any course.

To do this, log in as the Administrator and go to the Courses tab on the left hand menu. There select the course you would like to edit, from the drop down menu select a group you want the changes to effect and click on the "Edit Settings.." button for that course.

Here you can set the Lesson Duration, which controls the time spent in each lesson consisting usually of 5-8 exercises. Setting duration to 25 minutes will result in some exercises being 1, 2 and 3 minutes. Please note that this sets the total time for all lessons, you can not control individual lessons. Once you have made the changes you want click Save.

If any users are logged in when you make the changes they will have to log out for the changes to take effect.


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