I am not able to increase my typing speed. Can you help me?

After completing the "Touch Typing Course" and learning the touch typing technique, it'll take 1 to 2 months for fluent typing skills to develop, depending on how much typing is done daily. During the next month or two of using the newly acquired skill in practice, users will see their typing speed develop fast and should reach levels around 40 WPM = 200 CPM without problems. We believe setting the goal to 40 WPM is realistic on the short term.

There is also Speed Building Course in TypingMaster Pro. To change course, click on Change course button on the top of the screen. In the view that opens, you can then select Speed Building Course.

The touch typing course we offer with TypingMaster is targeted for 6-9 hours of use depending on lesson duration set by the user (we recommend a 15-30 minute daily sessions). Once people have the skills they tend to prefer to use them in practical work rather than the simulated exercises. The real skills development should thus come from review practice with the program and more importantly from regular use of the new skill in daily work. For that reason we have incorporated a special tool, Satellite, into TypingMaster Pro Premium. Satellite is found in the blue right hand menu of the program.

When activated, the Satellite watches your daily typing in any Windows program (for example when using Word or an email program) and tracks corrections with Backspace or Delete and delays in hitting the keys. Based on the information the program gathers about your typing (can be letters only or letters and words), it will create custom exercises that will train your weaknesses.

Over extended period of time, people who learn the touch typing technique and use it for normal daily typing usually end up typing around speed of 60 WPM = 300 CPM net.

You can find more information on TypingMaster Pro and Satellite at


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