Is DVORAK support available?

TypingMaster does not have courses built specifically for Dvorak keyboards. The program supports the Dvorak keyboard by recognizing the keyboard and adjusting instructions to the keyboard layout.

However, the lessons are designed for the QWERTY keyboard and introduce keys in an order more suitable for QWERTY. This means that to follow the course Dvorak users need to learn the Dvorak homerow keys and additionally the Qwerty homerow keys already in the second lesson together with I and E.

The Dvorak support modifies the home row keys in the first lesson. From lesson 2 onwards, the course follows the QWERTY design with just a simple support for Dvorak keyboard. There are no plans to make a specific course for Dvorak.

You can try the Dvorak support with the free trial to see if you like it.

You'll find the trial download here:

With the trial, you can freely complete the first two lessons of the touch typing course and try out all the features of the program. If you like the program, you can then purchase a license to have full unlimited access.

The Satellite, for customized exercises based on your daily typing, is fully compatible with the Dvorak keyboard.


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