How can I move TypingMaster Pro 7 onto my new computer?

To MOVE your copy of TypingMaster V7 to a new computer, first uninstall the software from old computer to free up your license.

Next step is to re-download the version you have from this address:

Click on this address, save the program to the desktop and then double click it to complete installation.

After this, please insert your License ID and Product Key to the new installation according to the instructions that came with the key. Please follow the instructions exactly, and be very careful in copying your License ID and Key, they have to be exactly correct in order for the program to work. This procedure will unlock the demo version and make it a fully functional product with all the lessons enabled.

Finally copy your user information to the new installation. In version 7.0, the study data is located here:
c:\documents and settings\application data\TypingMaster7\

The easiest way to browse to this folder is to click Windows Start Menu, choose Run.. and enter there %APPDATA%  and click OK (the percent marks are important!).

Copy the files from folder TypingMaster7 on a USB drive and paste them to the same location on your new computer.

If you have purchased a single license for TypingMaster, please note that this license allows you to use TypingMaster on one computer only. You must remove the licensed program from your old computer after installing it to your new one. This license does not limit the number of users that can be using TypingMaster on that single computer. You can have your whole family or work mates using the program as long as it is installed only on one computer.


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