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Version 10 and Version 7
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  1. questionHow do I clear out the old typing test results?
    You can delete typing test results. The user information is a little hard to get to but following these instructions you will be able to only keep certain results. - Click Windows Start Menu - Choose Run.. - Enter there %APPDATA% and click OK (the percent marks are important!) - Browser down to ...
  2. questionHow do I stop Satellite from starting when I turn my computer on?
    To disable the automatic loading of Satellite on Windows startup, follow these instructions. Right click on the blue and pink icon in your task bar and select Settings. Select the Common tab and uncheck the Automatic Launch checkbox. Now the TypingMaster Satellite will not load automatically.
  3. questionHow do I uninstall TypingMaster Pro?
    TypingMaster Pro is uninstalled as any other Windows program. Go to "Start > Settings > Control Panel" Select "Add/Remove Programs". Find TypingMaster Pro from the list of programs, select it and press "Add/Remove".
  4. questionWindows will not allow me to load TM, it says the files are corrupted, why?
    File corruption is caused by a broken download. To avoid file corruption, it is best to not use the network while you are downloading (surf the Internet for example). This will help stop the file from becoming broken. Unfortunately, when file corruption happens during download, it can happen tha ...
  5. questionWhy don't you mention backspace?
    Backspace is taught in lesson 1 exercise 7 (Touch Typing Course). Note: the backspace is explained only in TypingMaster Pro version 7 or newer.
  6. questionWhere can I find more information about TypingMaster Pro?
    A comprehensive user manual is included with TypingMaster Pro installation. Please consult the user manual for information on program features and use of the typing tutor. The manual is by default located at: Start Menu > Programs > TypingMaster > User Manual The user manual can also be ...
  7. question I want to change my user name in TM Pro 7 without losing my study data.
    Changing your user name without losing your study data requires manipulation of User Files. Complete the following steps: - Make sure that Satellite is closed - Click Windows Start Menu - Choose Run.. - Enter there %APPDATA% and click OK (the percent marks are important!) - Browser down to folde ...
  8. questionWhen does Satellite notify about difficulties?
    If Satellite has been launched it displays a message when student needs to practice. User can choose the interval and/or disable this feature. Satellite will display the notification window "Do you want to practice your difficult keys now?" when the following conditions are met: - Dialog is neve ...
  9. questionI've launched Satellite and spent hours typing and it always comes up with the same difficult keys. This is not correct. Is there something wrong with my copy?
    It may be that Satellite is set to only collect keys from certain programs, this would mean that if you do not use those programs it would keep giving you the same keys over and over. To ensure that Satellite collects from a variety of programs, open the Satellite settings by launching TypingMas ...
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