TypingMaster Pro 7 Upgrades

New Features in TypingMaster Pro 7

New studying features

Updated courses with visually engaging drills and clear structure

Detailed results for every drill - now with difficult keys graph

Customized setups for teacher led training or independent studying

New speed building course for extra practice

New look and feel for even easier navigation and use

Improved review, screen zoom mode, Pause drill feature and much more

New Manager features

Set lesson pass limits for each course separately

New reports: Typing test reports including the text typed against original copy, and group summary report

Support for PDF reports for sending results by email

Improved Study Material Editor for modifying exercises and creating your own drills

Easy data backup and restore

Full overview

Step 1: Trying Out TypingMaster Pro 7

You can first try out the new TypingMaster Pro 7 for free to get familiar with all the new features. Just download the free trial version and install it.

Important! Be sure to install the trial version in a new folder at this point - do not install over your current TypingMaster version when testing.


Should you have any questions about TypingMaster Pro 7 features or upgarding, please contact our sales service or use the online contact form.

Limited Time License
If you would like to try out the new version without any limitations, please contact us for an expiring license.

Step 2: Purchasing the Upgrade

To purchase your TypingMaster Pro 7 upgrade, please contact our sales service.

Before contacting us please find your current TypingMaster Product Key / Magic Key or any previous order information that will help us find your original order.

TypingMaster Sales Service

Tel: 1 866-211-8973 (Toll free USA)
Fax: (970) 243-9482
International: +1-970-243-3549
Email: Online contact form

Mailing address:
619 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Step 3: Taking TypingMaster Pro 7 into Use

You can take TypingMaster Pro 7 into use immediately after receiving your upgrade license key.

Tip! The new version is much easier to take into use after the current course or school term has finished.

1. Replace the old version with the new one using these installation instructions.

2. Enter your new license key into TypingMaster Pro 7 following the instructions in the license email.