Top Features


Keyboarding Kickstart with Games

Now children in Kindergarten through Second Grade can play their way into keyboarding basics with fun, instructive games that cover the keyboard step-by-step.

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Visual Guidance - Now with Voice-over

There are over 40 visual guidance slides with full voice-over to help acquaint users with the different aspects of the touch typing technique and ergonomics.


Adaptive Review Drill

During each exercise TypingMaster tracks mistyped words and once per lesson those tricky words are practiced in a special review drill.

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Two Visual Themes

"Island Adventure" theme provides an adventurous surrounding for younger students, while "Blue Curves" offers a peaceful backdrop to keep you focused.

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Virtual On-Screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard makes it easy to learn new finger movements by visualizing the paths your fingers should follow.


Visual Scorecard

After each exercise students will see a visual scorecard that provides an intuitive way to assess skills and track progress.


Lesson Exams with Target Scores

At the end of each lesson there is a lesson exam to assess students' skill level. You can set a specific target score for passing each exam.


Warm-up Drills for Motor Skills

Each lesson begins with a unique warm-up drill that focuses on motor skills and smooth finger movements.


State-of-the-Art Teacher Tools

Our excellent teacher tools help you track and assess student progress and adjust the course for each class.


LDAP Authentication & LMS Support

Let your students log in using using LDAP Authentication from e.g. Windows Active Directory. Or add our courses to your LMS, like Moodle or BlackBoard.

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Complete Keyboarding Curriculum

With up to 45 keyboarding lessons and over 250 drills covering the whole keyboard, your students are taken from beginner level all the way to touch typing mastery.

Lesson duration can be easily adjusted from 20 to 45 minutes, without running out of material. Fully customizable timed tests and games provide additional practice.

TypingMaster curriculum is aligned with NBEA and ISTE* keyboarding instruction standards.

Touch Typing
14 lessons
  Number Row
2 lessons
Keyboarding Kickstart
7 lessons (K-2)
4 lessons
Junior Typing
15 lessons (K-8)
  Numeric Keypad
3 lessons
Speed building
7 lessons

* National Business Education Association and International Society for Technology in Education

It's All Online - Easy Access from School and Home

  • Easy setup with no installation
  • Free instant, automatic upgrades
  • 24-hour email support included
  • Secure 24/7 access from school and home
  • Proven reliable with over 99.9% uptime history
  • Compatible with all Flash compatible browsers on PC, Mac and Linux

More Studying Features

  • Immediate, Regular Feedback
    Students are presented with WPM and accuracy results after each exercise, giving them A sense of accomplishment and increasing motivation. A list of problem keys provides clear focus for practice.
  • Sequential, Step-by-Step Approach
    TypingMaster introduces new keys in pairs and provides clear instructions. Color-coded, animated keyboard and hand diagrams provide effective visual guidance.
  • Varied Practice Material
    TypingMaster's diverse exercises keep students engaged. Keyboard drills, word and sentence typing, timed exercises, reviews, typing tests and games provide optimal support and motivation for every learning style.
  • Lots of Practice with Real Words
    TypingMaster provides real word exercises in all sections right after students learn new key locations. This way, they learn to key letter groups instead of single letters, resulting in quick typing confidence gains.
  • Continuous reinforcement
    All lessons build on previously learned skills, providing continuity and reinforcement at all levels.
  • Review Drills for Problem Keys
    Review drills are provided regularly for additional practice on the identified problem keys.
  • Bite-Size Exercises
    TypingMaster's modular structure featuring 1-8 minute exercises (depending on course settings) encourages students to take regular, healthy breaks to stretch muscles and rest eyes.
  • Fun Typing Games
    Four exciting typing games provide additional practice or simply a fun break from keyboarding drills.
  • Ergonomics Instruction
    Proper posture and placement of equipment is vital for safe, comfortable keyboarding. TypingMaster's ergonomic lessons are embedded in the Typing and Junior courses as must-know content.
  • Seven Languages
    TypingMaster keyboarding courses are available in seven languages with regional keyboard support. All languages are included in your subscription at no additional cost. Simply activate using the teacher tools.

More Teacher Tool Features

  • Detailed Activity Reports
    View WPM and accuracy results with versatile reports for individual students, classes or the entire school. Easy monitoring of student progress gives teachers more time to observe typing technique, assist and encourage students.
  • Unique Result Forecasting
    Using clear visualization, the Course Result Forecast tool helps teachers identify those students struggling to meet the final test goal WPM and accuracy.
  • Class-Adjustable WPM and Accuracy Goals
    Set age-appropriate goal WPM and accuracy scores that reflect students' current skill level for each of your classes to motivate without discouraging.
  • Customizable Typing Tests
    Typing tests with goal WPM and accuracy settings are an excellent tool for periodic formal assessment and grading, as well as additional practice. You can choose test texts from TypingMaster's wide selection or import your own texts.
  • Printable Achievement Certificates
    Print out certificates with result details for completed timed tests and courses provide concrete proof of achievement.
  • Typing Games Reward and Motivate
    Reward students by allowing access to our fun typing games only after a completed keyboarding lesson, give free access to games at any time, or disable all games - you choose what works best for your class.
  • User Grouping for Efficient Progress Monitoring
    Teachers can create user groups based on similar skill level and adjust courses accordingly, making it easy to monitor class progress.
  • Easy User Management
    Easily add individual users or import entire classes with TypingMaster's user import tools. Users who no longer need access can be archived and recovered later if required.
  • Support for Teacher Added Content Promotes Cross-Curriculum Functions
    Promote the transfer of keyboarding skills to real-world typing situations by using the typing test section to import your own texts into the program. Spelling lists, theme vocabularies or texts relating to class subject areas enable cross-curriculum learning.
  • Progress Control Tools Customize Learning Experience
    TypingMaster provides a wide array of tools to adjust courses for classes with varying needs. Adjust lesson duration and program behavior such as use of backspace, access to later lessons or a final test, to tailor your approach to students' progress throughout their keyboarding lessons.
  • Global Settings
    TypingMaster's global settings give you several tools to protect your account from unauthorized access and to avoid potential problems from seemingly harmless user actions, such as changing of passwords or user names.