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Feb 9, 2016

TypingMaster Will Be Typing Quest!

We are excited to announce that from April onwards TypingMaster courses will be called Typing Quest...

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Adventurous Island Theme

Let your students complete exercises based in underwater reefs, thick jungle and serene beaches as they progress through a tropic island.


Complete Keyboarding Curriculum

With up to 45 keyboarding lessons covering the whole keyboard your students are taken from beginner level to complete touch typing mastery.


Visual Scorecard

After each exercise students will see a visual scorecard providing an intuitive way to assess skills and follow progress.


Virtual On-screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard makes it easy to learn new finger movements by visualizing the paths your fingers should follow.


State-of-the-Art Teacher Tools

Our excellent teacher tools help you to track and assess student progress and adjust the course for each class.

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