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The average speaking speed for English speakers in the USA is about 150 wpm and the average typing speed is 40 wpm. Professional typists can exceed 100 wpm.

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What is online speaking speed test?

An online speaking speed test is a tool that measures the rate at which a person speaks. The test typically involves the user reading a passage of text aloud, while the tool records and analyzes the speech. The results of the test can then be displayed in words per minute (WPM) or other units, and may also include information on the user's fluency, pronunciation, and other aspects of their speech. The test can be useful for people who want to improve their public speaking skills, or for those who need to meet certain requirements for work or education. Some online speaking speed test may also provide tips and exercises to help users improve their speaking speed.

How to speak faster?

  1. Practice speaking at a faster pace by setting a timer and trying to fit as many words as possible into the allotted time.
  2. Record yourself speaking and listen to the recording to identify areas where you tend to slow down or hesitate.
  3. Take a public speaking course or find a speaking coach to help you improve your pacing and delivery.
  4. Try to speak in a clear and confident voice, this will help you to speak faster.
  5. Use contractions when speaking. This will help you to speak faster and make you sound more natural.

How to calculate the speech speed rate?

Rate of Speech Speed can be calculated in words per minute (wpm) just like the typing speed. The average Speaking Speed Rate is 150 wpm (2.5 words per second). Traditionally you had to calculate your speech tempo manually by recording yourself talking for a minute and then counting the number of words in your speech. After you divide the number of words by the minutes your speech took, you can get the WPM score.
Nowadays you can easily test your English Speaking Speed with TypingMaster's Free Speech Test above. This web page uses an automatic voice speech recognition features of your web browser to analyze your speed. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions carefully and remember to enable both your microphone and speakers. If the speed test does not work properly please use the latest Chrome Browser on your desktop device or mobile phone.

Are you speaking quickly or slowly?

Do you speak too fast, too slow, or just right? Compare your speech wpm speed to the average wpm speaking speed table to know how many words per minute speech is a good level. If the speed is higher than 160 wpm it might be a bit difficult for the listeners. Please remember that emotional factors and also the different languages affect a lot to the tempo.

What is the average speaking speed?

The average speaking rate for native speakers is around 150-160 words per minute. However, this can vary widely depending on factors such as the speaker's level of fluency, education, and the context of the conversation. Some people may naturally speak faster or slower than others, and this can also be influenced by factors such as nervousness or excitement. In general, it is considered that most people speak at a rate of around 110-150 words per minute in normal conversation, but it's worth mentioning that some people can speak as fast as 250 words per minute in certain situations, like when they are reading a script or reading aloud a passage.
  • Less than 110 wpm - slow speech rate
  • 120-160 wpm - Normal Conversational speech speed
  • 100-150 wpm - Presentation speech speed
  • Over 150 wpm - Radio Podcast speech speed
  • Over 250 wpm - Commentator speech speed

How fast should I speak?

The ideal speaking rate varies depending on the context and audience, but generally, a speaking rate of around 150-160 words per minute is considered to be a good target for most speakers. This rate is fast enough to keep the audience engaged, but not so fast that it becomes difficult for them to understand you. However, it's important to note that the rate at which you speak should be tailored to your audience and the situation. For example, if you are giving a lecture, you may want to speak slightly slower to ensure that the audience has time to take notes. On the other hand, if you're giving a presentation at a fast-paced industry event, you may want to speak slightly faster to keep the audience engaged. Speaking slowly and clearly makes your articulation more clear and your audience stays more engaged in your presentation.

How fast do you speak? What is your Speech Rate? Speaking Speed Test for Chrome/Edge

NOTE: Please allow access to your Microphone after you click the Start button. If you do not hear "Hello", please turn your volume up.

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Speed Test Not Working? How To Fix Voice Recognization Speed Test Problems?

  1. Please make sure your speakers are not muted when you start this test
  2. If you hear "HELLO" multiple times, please enable your Microphone from the upper left corner
  3. If you do not hear "HELLO" once, please turn your volume up
  4. Microphone should be approximately 6 to 12 inches away from your face
  5. Do not mumble - be clear enough so that your words are easy to understand
  6. Avoid running words together
  7. Speak slightly louder than the average
  8. Speak using the lower-end of your voice range
  9. Start testing your speaking at a moderate pace
  10. Please use the latest Chrome or Edge browser