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2/20/2009 4:08:17 AM
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We have received many questions regarding the calculation of typing test statistics.

TypingMaster follows international industrial standards to count typing speed. For written English, the commonly accepted standard is a 5-stroke standard word, including spaces and punctuation marks. This is the default setting in all English language TypingMaster products.

In result calculation this means that 5 keystrokes make one word and 5 keystrokes are deducted for each mistyped word. If needed, the word length can be changed on the Settings tab (>Settings>Study settings>Word length).

Gross typing speed is calculated as follows:
1) Total keystrokes (=gross hits) is divided by duration, which gives gross speed in characters/keystrokes per minute
2) Gross speed in CPM is divided by the standard word length to get typing speed in WPM.

Accuracy percentage is calculated using the standard word length. Gross hits is the total number of keystrokes typed. Error hits is the number of words typed incorrectly times the word length. Net hits equals gross hits minus error hits. The rate of net hits to gross hits typed gives accuracy percentage.

Net typing speed is the typing speed with errors counted in the result and is calculated like this:
1) Total keystrokes minus the number of incorrect words times word length, to get the total net hits for the whole test duration.
2) Total net hits is divided by the test duration to get net typing speed in characters/keystrokes per minute. This is divided by the standard word length to get net typing speed in words per minute.

Example of result calculation:

A user completes a typing test with 1750 keystrokes in 5 minutes and 5 incorrectly typed words. The results are:
- 1750 gross hits, 25 error hits (5 mistakes * word length 5), 1725 net hits
- Gross typing speed is 70 WPM (350 CPM)
- Net typing speed is 69 WPM (345 CPM)
- Accuracy is 99% (1725/1750*100%)

Best Regards,

TypingMaster Team
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