TypingMaster Intra (discontinued product)

Sales and development of TypingMaster Intra have been discontinued as of November 2011. Customers using TypingMaster Intra will be given full technical support according to our support terms, which is three years from the date of purchase.

When it is time to renew your license or upgrade for technical reasons, we recommend switching to TypingMaster Online.

Support Documents & Tools

Installation Guide
  This guide explains how to install TypingMaster Intra to your intranet server.
Manager Manual
  Manager Manual explains how administrators and teachers can manage users, groups and courses with TypingMaster Intra Manager.
User Manual
  User Manual explains how to access TypingMaster Intra and complete typing courses, from the user's point of view.
License Agreement (pdf)
  License Agreement for TypingMaster Intra.
Server Installation
  Read this technology white paper to learn how TypingMaster Intra can be set up in your Intranet.
LDAP Installation
  Read this white paper to learn how to configure LDAP ( Active Directory) login.

Contact Us

TypingMaster Intra customers are entitled to free customer support for three years from purchase. Read the terms of support.

Email support
Contact us with our online support form to get answers by email within 1-2 business days.

Support Forum
Visit our support forum and check for different questions and answers.

Phone support (USA)
Call our phone support to get answers to the basic questions.

Call 970-243-3549

TypingMaster Intra 4 Update (Dec 20, 2013)

Oracle will start blocking unsigned Java applications on Java 7 as of January 14, 2014.

Please update your TypingMaster Intra installation as soon as possible to get the signed TypingMaster Java applet and a new loader page, so that your students can continue taking TypingMaster courses with Java.

To apply the update, please follow these steps:

1. Download TypingMaster Intra 4 WAR-file.

2. Stop TypingMaster Intra server.

3. Extract the downloades tmintra.war file on top of your current TypingMaster Intra server installation. at \\tmintra4\webapps\tmintra.

4. Start TypingMaster Intra server.

5. Log in as admin and try launching a course.

If you have Java 7, the applet will run with limited access to computer resources ("sandbox").

If you have Java 6, the program will run with unrestricted access. In this case, we highly recommend that you upgrade your Java to version 7