TypingMaster Will Be Typing Quest

February 9, 2016

TypingMaster study experience has gone through a major change during the past couple of years and we feel that it’s time for the updates to be reflected in the name as well. We are excited to announce that from April onwards TypingMaster courses will be called Typing Quest! Although the name changes, study material and all the functions remain untouched.

Island Scenery Update

Along with the name change, Junior course and Touch Typing course themes will be updated to match the cartoonish feel of Keyboarding Kickstart Course. The course scenery will also play a major part on our newly designed website – released together with the new name.

These cosmetic changes will not affect your use of the courses or require any action from your part. After the name change you will find all settings, reports and user names as before.

Adventure Continues

We will continue developing our courses towards even better horizons. New tablet courses are set for an August release and our developer team has been mixing up some thrilling game-like exercises we’re sure your students will like. And if you’re in Denver, Colorado, at the end of June, come and say hi to our team presenting Typing Quest at ISTE 2016!