TypingMaster is now Typing Quest!

April 7, 2016

TypingMaster has gone through a major upgrade these past few years. First we updated all courses to Flash and adjusted the outlook to be more colorful and adventure-like. Then, last year we released a brand new Keyboarding Kickstart course giving younger kids a chance to take the plunge into keyboarding without having to know too much about typing from the get-go.

New Name, New Feel

Younger and younger students are learning to type using our courses and as we are releasing new HTML5 courses in August, it’s only fitting to switch to a new name.

So, from now now on TypingMaster Online will be known as Typing Quest! We feel that it better captures the adventurous feel of our courses in addition to sounding more appealing to our ever younger user base.

Our name is not the only thing that’s changed. When logging in students and teachers will notice that we have freshened up the interface as well. Furthermore, the scenery on the island adventure is even more stunning than before. We hope that these improvements make Typing Quest an even more enjoyable tool with which to learn keyboarding!

    We are excited to embark on this new journey with Typing Quest! We can’t wait to show you all the new features and ideas our developers are cooking up in their labs. Join the ride with us!

    We think it’s never too early to start learning important skills like keyboarding if the approach is correct. We hope children as well as adults will enjoy our new games to support keyboarding development.

    PS. Did you know that TypingMaster has a 20-year long history as a product name – the first DOS based (sic!) version was released way back in 1996! After numerous technological and study material makeovers we feel truly happy to welcome a fresh new name! Also, the name of the company will remain Typing Master, so the historical name will still live on.