Set Sail for An Adventure… Major Update Coming Soon!

March 6, 2013

Are you ready for an adventure? We will shortly launch our brand new, adventurous TypingMaster course that will take your student’s learning to a whole new level! Based on Flash(TM), this new version will bring a truly engaging learning experience to any computer.

Since last summer, the TypingMaster Team has been busy working on a major update for our typing course. Our brand new Flash-based course is swiftly coming together and we are delighted to announce that the first full beta version will be available in just a few weeks. For those of you who simply can’t wait, today we have published a sample lesson to whet your appetite and give you exclusive insights into this exciting tropical island quest!

Please read on to learn more about the new features and the anticipated release schedule.

Adventurous & Engaging

As the screen shots at the end of this page show, the new course, which is set on a tropical island paradise, offers an adventurous and visually engaging environment in which your students can develop their typing skills. During each lesson students will progress along an exciting trek through the island as they complete exercises based in underwater coral reefs, thick jungle vegetation, serene beach vistas, rocky cliffs and so on. What you can be sure of is that the new course will motivate your students and help them to perfect the art of typing quickly and easily.

    TypingMaster Goes Flash

    Based on Flash(TM), the new online course will work smoothly on practically any browser and computer—usually without the need to install any additional software or plugins. For example, over 95% of visitors to have Flash readily available. So, in most cases it will be as simple as click and go!

    Release Schedule

    Here you can see how the new course offerings will be progressing over the next few months:

    Smooth Transition

    Taking the new course into action will be really easy – it will simply be listed as another option in the course list. You can continue using your current lesson plan, as we have carried over the familiar lesson structure and study material. What’s more, the current Java based courses remain available until the end of 2013, so that you can freely choose the most suitable time for the transition.

    Course for Future

    This is just the beginning! After the launch of the new Flash-based island adventure we will steadily improve the course material and add new functionality on a monthly basis. We have a lot of exciting ideas in the pipeline and can promise you more exhilarating game-like exercises and unique, interactive elements that will help you to deliver distinctive learning experiences to your students.


    We look forward to traveling on this exciting voyage with you!