TypingMaster Courses Span the Globe

March 18, 2015

TypingMaster courses know no borders! Keyboarding skills are essential so it may not come as a shock to learn that people aged 7-100 have learned to keyboard with TypingMaster’s proven course system. You might be surprised though that TypingMaster software is currently used in over 160 countries and territories around the world! It seems that people around the world appreciates our friendly courses and thoughtful approach to learning to keyboard.

All Languages Now On Flash

TypingMaster Online’s latest update gives a special nod to our increasing international clientele. Although most TypingMaster Online customers reside in English speaking countries, courses are actually available in 7 languages to reflect our multinational client base. TypingMaster Online courses are offered in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish. As of the December update all languages are now available with the visually updated study material presenting the new Blue Curves theme and supporting Flash.

From Peru to the Philippines, Namibia to Norway, TypingMaster Online’s effective and engaging Flash courses are now even more accessible with new language options. The numbers say it all – hundreds of thousands of TypingMaster Online students and growing!