Flash Update Completed! Symbols and Numeric Keypad Now Aboard

October 30, 2013

Surf’s up! We are happy to announce that all the new Flash-based courses are now aboard! The last two courses, Symbols (previously “Special marks course”) and Numeric keypad, were released today completing our great study material update. The best part is, they now utilize the same cool visual drills, friendly, step-by-step approach and engaging tropical island theme that you’ve come to know and love with the previously updated courses. So log in and give them a try!

Junior Course Improved – Thanks to Your Feedback!

Since the August release, we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback from our customers, especially on the Junior course. We really appreciate it – thank you! Your precious observations helped us to develop the course even further to meet the unique needs of young students.

The first two lessons, (Introduction and Home Keys), are now easier in order to gently ease younger typists into the course. Also with youngsters in mind, the initial skills test has been made shorter and with a more relaxed feel. It’s a short typing sample, without pass requirements, to determine a student’s current typing speed and to introduce how typing speed is measured.

In addition, the warm-up drills that introduce new finger movements have been simplified. They focus more on easy movements and keys that have been learned already. We’ve also added a short announcement when a new type of exercise is introduced for the very first time.

Performance Gear-Up

Back in August when we originally released the new Flash-based courses, some users reported experiencing slowness. We immediately dropped anchor, rolled up our sleeves and released a performance update in September to improve speed and responsiveness. We are happy to report that since the update, there haven’t been any further reports on slowness. However, if you notice sluggishness in the exercises, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our team is ready to work on it!

There’s More to Come

We are planning some terrific new features for the near future! However, we understand that getting acquainted with the new courses this Fall has probably required some extra effort from the teachers as well as the students. That’s why we’ll hold back making further changes for a while and let you get adjusted to the new courses. We’ll get our creative juices flowing with new ideas to share with you in the beginning of 2014!